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Tori grew up at Mission Arlington®. She attended Grace Street Fellowship, a Mission congregation, and her mother has been involved in many capacities for all those years.

Last spring, Tori graduated from Arlington High School, and, after applying for work at a few places, she realized Mission Arlington® was the perfect fit. She started full time this past summer doing clerical work and Bible Studies every afternoon in Grand Prairie.

Toni, Tori’s partner in Grand Prairie, has nothing but praise for Tori and the good work God is doing in that city. Toni says, “I prayed for helpers, and God provided a young lady from among our own kids!  …She uses her energy, creativity, compassion and servant’s heart to work beside me in Grand Prairie! God exceeded my expectations when He called her to the ‘mission field next door.’”

Tori says, “I love teaching. That’s something I wanted to do regardless of where I was working.” She teaches on Sundays and helps plan crafts and activities for their weekly meetings. Toni is great at listening to Tori’s ideas, and they work together well.

Since coming to Mission Arlington® to work, Tori says she has learned to “put everything in God’s hands. After I did that…everything was much more peaceful.”

Tori will be leaving after our Fall Festival this year to join her mother in Oklahoma to help care for her ailing grandmother.  We have been so blessed to watch Tori grow into the beautiful young lady she has become, and into the maturing Christian servant of the Lord.  We will miss her, of course, but we are excited about this next part of her journey, and we look forward to her return.

{First published 1 year ago, October 29th, 2017. Edited and republished October 23rd, 2018.}


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