Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

We love what we do!

College students having fun while serving at Mission Arlington®.

It’s true. We love what we get to do here every day. From time to time, people express their appreciation by telling us that they “don’t know how we do what we do.”  We appreciate the affirmation, and we truly value the support, but what we get to do every day is fun, and it brings us joy and a sense of satisfaction.

We receive your gifts!

First, we get to work with you.  Day after day, you bring in your donations of food, clothes, household items, and furniture. You are so fulfilled in giving, gracious, and warm as you provide for others. Even though we make it possible for you to stay in your car when you give, most of the time, you are up and out, expressing gratitude to us while you help us unload your vehicle.  Add to this the kind of things you bring – not your leftovers, but the kind of supplies you think people might need. Many times, you have purchased the items in order to provide them.  Sometimes, we receive birthday gifts from children who want the gifts to come to Mission Arlington’s children, instead of to themselves. We are so humbled, blessed, and touched by the way you give.  We love what we do!

College Students from a group called CRU – Destino, serving at Mission Arlington this January.

We work alongside of you!

Second, Every day this community shows up. Sometimes, volunteers are young children – enthusiastic and energetic. Other times, it is a group of senior citizens giving their time to make a difference.  People come on their own, with friends, their civic club, school, church and/or business community. They come by themselves or in large groups. Some come for a day, and others stay for a week.  Volunteers come in all sizes, shapes, and forms, but each one brings their own sense of purpose and a desire to make a difference here. Every day of every week of every month of the year, we work alongside of one of the most generous, self-sacrificing communities imaginable.  We fold clothes, sort food, lift couches, and love people – one life at a time, all so that people in a moment of crisis can receive the help they need to be ok.  We value working together, and we love what we do!

We see changed lives!

Finally, we know that what we do here makes a difference, because we hear it in the voices of those expressing gratitude, and we read it in the notes they send almost every day. Earlier this month, we received the following public review from someone named Robin.

Mission Arlington® is a Godsend. They have helped me with my utility bills, clothes, diapers and a bit of food. Utility help once a year, food and other services everyday. They even have little birthday parties for little kiddos. They pray for you too. Which sometimes you need to hear someone pray/wish you a better situation. I give back whenever I can.

In 2017, an average of 653 people came through our front doors for help every day. We watch people receive food, clothing, healthcare support, and so much more. We see the tears, hear the expression of thanks, and feel the sweet hugs.  We love the privilege we have of being here every day to serve our Lord, and to help the people.

Thank you so much for walking this journey with us day after day.  We really do love what we do!


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