In our 31st year

Serving the Lord in our community since 1986

The Communities Foundation of Texas sponsored its annual online “Day of Giving” on Thursday, September 22nd, and it was an amazing day.

Yesterday, 164 people gave  $65,220 through Mission Arlington® Mission Metroplex® to provide support for local families experiencing difficult times.

More of you joined in the efforts this year, and the amount you gave represents a 13.7 percent increase compared to last year’s Day of Giving.  After all the gifts have been tabulated, the Communities Foundation will add a percentage to this, helping your gift to go even farther.

We want you to know how deeply and personally grateful we are for your support. Your generosity encourages us.  We praise the Lord for you this day, and pray that you will be blessed in return.

For those who were new givers, please drop by and let us give you a tour. For those who gave extra – above what you normally give – thank you.  And for those of you who didn’t give yesterday, but who provide resources all year long, please know of our gratitude for you every single day. We are truly blessed.

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