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In our 30th year

Serving the Lord in our community since 1986.

Welcome to the home page of Mission Arlington’s website.  We are a “faith-based organization which utilizes hundreds of volunteers and a multitude of services to assist people with their physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual needs.”

Click the heading links above to learn who we are and/or to discover how you can become involved – or, just keep reading below.  We’re glad you stopped by. Call, or come see us when you can!

School Supplies Needed

Having school supplies on the first day of school is an important part of a student’s ability to succeed academically, and to be on the same  educational playing field as their classmates.  These “basic tools” for education are also personally meaningful to students whose families struggle to provide the necessary supplies. Here’s how you can help:

For nearly three decades now, Mission Arlington® has been a proud to support the students in our community. With and through your support, we are expecting to serve 9,000+ students again this year. Thank you so much for the way you give to make this possible.

Stories of God's Love

Raul and Alma

Raul and Alma

About ten years ago, Alma and Raul’s older daughter, Giovanna, 5, became very ill. She could not walk without a cane and was constantly weak.… Continue reading.

Mission Arlington ® News

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