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In our 32nd year!

Serving the Lord here since 1986!


A Great Day of Giving

We are so grateful for your support through the North Texas Day of Giving which happened this past Thursday, September 14th.  The Communities Foundation of Texas and their partners have sponsored and supported this day for many years now to encourage and provide for local non-profits. Once again, you gave generously to support the ministry here. Some gave directly through the official website, and others gave directly to us, and then we received a bonus for the most givers in a particular time slot. All of this resulted in the highest gift we have ever received on this day.  We are so honored to serve with you to share God’s love with the people who come through our front doors every day.

Still Caring for people affected by Hurricane Harvey

We are so grateful for your strong support over these past few weeks as we worked together to help evacuees from Hurricane Harvey. We have responded to the needs of people from 19 different cities through these days.

We are still seeing & ministering to people here every day who have been displaced or affected by the storm.  Your gifts, prayers, and support have made the difference. Thank you.

Stories of God's Love


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