Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

In our 31st year!

Serving the Lord in our community since 1986.

Welcome to our online home. We’re glad you stopped by. If you are new to our work, we hope this information will facilitate your connection here.

Services we provide

From a network of Bible studies to a host of services, we are here to help.  We love being open 364 days a year.  Please check out our hours of operation to discover how we can support your family.

Ways to join in

Learn more about the heart of this place, our commitment to transparent accountability, and the different ways you join the fun.  To see our journey, view our newsletter archives, or to peruse our homes on social media, located below.

How to make contact

You can find our contact information online.  Or, please write us. Your feedback is important. When you can, please come by.  We would love to meet you in person.  We are grateful for you.

Stories of God's Love

Clark and Steven

Hang around the Mission for a while and you’ll start to notice the staff and volunteers act like family. In fact, some of the staff… Continue reading.

Mission Arlington ® News

Transparent - Each year about this time we pass along to you the same report our Board of Directors receives from the auditors.  This local &… ...

These days have been special at Mission Arlington®.  We love so much the opportunities we have to serve this community alongside of you. We… ...

A Bible study family from central Arlington came to the Easter Egg Hunt together. In the background you can see a… ...

Psalms 105: 3b ". . . .so that your youth is renewed like the eagles." Children serving at Mission Arlington [su_dropcap… ...


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