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A Fun, Fun Day

Kids having fun one one end of "Tug-of-War."

FUN days for children were added to the repertoire of Mission Arlington® services over the last couple of years. Our most recent FUN day happened on the first Saturday in May.

What is a FUN DAY?

Children enjoy playing together outdoors, surrounded by loving adult leaders & mentors, while learning together about God’s love, and it is so much fun.

What happens on a FUN Day?

Early on a Saturday morning, Bible study leaders from Mission Arlington® pick up children & youth from across the community and transport them to Parkview Fellowship, one of Mission Arlington’s congregations in central Arlington. The Parkview facility has a huge field behind the church, including Hunter’s Field, a great place to play baseball.

These active and energetic young people can play games outdoors, such as baseball, basketball, soccer, tug-of-war, and so much more.  However, they can also play all kinds of indoor table-top games too.  The fun begins around 9:30, and finishes with a Bible study and lunch just before noon.

So Much Fun!

This past Saturday, May 6th, a few hundred children came out to enjoy the sunshine, the care of loving adults, and the interaction with each other, and just running around outdoors, absent of all technology.  They were also able to hear a story from the Bible, and to experience care from so many people.

Our Gratitude

We can do these things with young people, because you constantly pray, volunteer, and provide financial resources to make our ministries possible.  We are grateful to God, and we are thankful for you!



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