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Bob Burgin serves at Mission Arlington

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Bob Burgin, teacher, professor, educator, and minister, has been serving as a volunteer with Mission Arlington for 29 years. He and Tillie have been married for 59 years this month.

Many years ago a growing apartment church in central Arlington was losing its pastor. He was moving out of town. Tillie asked her husband Bob if he could substitute for a little while until someone else could come lead the church.

Twenty years later, Bob Burgin is still the pastor. He says, “I have seen growth over the years, and the fellowship just gets sweeter and sweeter.”

Bob Burgin: An outdoor Mission Arlington baptismBob has lived a life full of service. He has not only served as pastor at South Street/Parkview Church all these years. He also taught, led, and has been honored at Dallas Baptist University. He was a successful  principal at both Arlington High School and Nichols Junior High in Arlington, and earlier taught math in public school.

Before that he shared Christ in Korea and served in the military. It was this military service in Korea which led the Burgins to serve as missionaries for more than a decade, and ultimately to the start of Mission Arlington®. Anytime Bob is at Mission Arlington®, he is bringing dinner for the staff, setting up chairs or cleaning up after the weekly workers’ meeting. Service all around.

As far as the congregation at Parkview, they have only good things to say about Pastor Bob. One says, “He is a good pastor and a gentleman.” Another comments on how well he teaches. It obvious by the way the Sunday School teachers love the people under his direction, Bob is leading by example.

It’s a blessing from God that Bob is part of the Mission family. His life is a story of God’s love and service for others.

Tillie and Bob will have been married for 59 years this month. Together, they have lived a life of faithfulness to the Lord, and it has made a difference.


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