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Ceaser’s Summer at Mission Arlington

Ceaser, from McAllen, Texas, leads Rainbow Express at a June Revival service

Ceaser, from McAllen, Texas, leads Rainbow Express at a June Revival service

Ceaser came in June 2015 to serve as a summer missionary through the organization Go Now Missions to share the love and the gospel of Jesus Christ. He stayed all summer, worked long days, and, a week later, wrote this about his time here:

“It’s been a week since I came home from Mission Arlington®… This place was unbelievable, and I had never seen anything like it in all my life. Mission Arlington® broke me down physically, mentally, and most importantly, spiritually. It was a humbling experience and a huge blessing for my relationship with Christ.

The people I met over the summer impacted me in many different ways, and I really appreciate all the love they’ve shown me. At Mission Arlington® I had the privilege of serving God in ways that I wasn’t really expecting. I got to do things like organizing and cleaning rooms, consolidating boxes full of things, and making sure things were always where they needed to be. Although, sometimes, I was pulled aside to do projects, like move around 50 lb. bags of rice and beans, or run wire through a blazing hot attic, I spent most of my time working hard at the furniture warehouse. I worked with people like J, Barbara, Noeleen, and Tommy, who have all worked there for years and taught me so much in the little time I was there. Working in the warehouse consisted of moving around donated furniture and giving it to families who needed it. We would constantly load and unload trucks. Mission Arlington® does so much for the people that I can’t really all post here because it’s too much stuff to type. I would just suggest you go and volunteer yourself so you could experience it all.

East Side Revival June 16, 2015-2Each day I would work at the warehouse, then I would leave for about 2 hours and go to two different apartment complexes. I would go on Tuesdays and Thursdays to one apartment complex with Ms. Marla and Mekayla in Fort Worth and do summer program with the kids. Summer Program is a Bible lesson and a snack. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Sundays I would go to an apartment complex in Arlington with and do summer program with there.

Every week we would teach the children something different, and, even though they tested our patience a lot of the time, we loved the kids. In July we took the kids to Camp Thurman where they could swim, play, and zipline. Camp was great because it was a time where we could reach out to the kids, be their friends, and let them know that we weren’t just their teachers. So many young lives were impacted when we shared the gospel and the love of Christ this summer through things like camp, summer programs, Rainbow Express, and carnivals. 

I witnessed a few salvations and heard of many more. I was constantly hearing of how God was moving throughout the city of Arlington and the Metroplex because of everything the Mission did. I’m glad I was able to be a part of it, and I really hope I’ll be able to go back one day if God allows.

Mission Arlington® is such a great place. I felt like every week I found out something new about what they do for the community, because they really do so much, and it’s beautiful. They provide people with food, clothes, furniture, at no cost, and it’s all because of the message of the cross and what Christ did for us. It was incredible to see that they truly live out the verse Matthew 10:8 “Freely you have received: Freely give” which also coincidentally happened to be the verse on our Go Now shirts. Along with freely giving out what they have received as donations, they also freely give the gospel to the people, which is much more valuable.

I just wanted to share a part of what I did this summer in Arlington, and if you want to know more just let me know.”

Around 37 young men and women gave up their summers to be the hands and feet of Jesus this year. Many have similar stories of lives changed. Thanks to God for sending them and for the way he works in this Metroplex.

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