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“Happy Birthday” Mission Arlington

Thirty-Six Years Ago

36-years ago today, Tillie Burgin started a new job at First Baptist Church, Arlington, taking the first step to fulfill a dream the Lord had planted in her heart many years before.  Seven (7) years earlier, Tillie, and her husband Bob, completed ten years of service as foreign missionaries in South Korea.  “If we could do missions in Korea, why couldn’t we do missions in Arlington?” was the question never very far from Tillie’s heart and mind. Tillie still remembers that first day of service as one of the most beautiful she had experienced.  No one could except the Lord could possibly know what was to come.

Taking Church to the People

A call came in on the first day of Tillie’s new job. A lady living in a North Arlington apartment community needed help paying a utility bill.  Tillie took the note and made a home visit.  Soon afterwards, not only was the bill paid, but the lady also offered to host a Bible study in her apartment.  Tillie found someone to teach the Bible study, and 17 people showed up on the very first Sunday – blue jeans, tennis shoes, “come as you are” Bible study.   “If people weren’t going to come to church,” for whatever reason, Tillie and others could “take church to the people.” In a matter of weeks, six different apartment communities had opened their doors for Bible studies, and a movement began.  Thirty-Six (36) years later, the Mission sponsors Bible studies in over 350 different locations.

One Life at a Time

One by one, people’s needs began to be evident.  The ministries developed from the bottom up, one family, one life at a time. As Mission Arlington stepped in to help with specific needs, the community began to respond.  God’s provisions were evident as the number of people coming through our front doors grew exponentially.   In 2022, we are averaging over 550 people a day, six days each week, coming through our doors for help.  These are ordinary people who have a moment of need.  Our heart and hope is to treat each person with dignity & respect, and to share God’s love with all who come across our path.  Along with the emergency assistance we provide (food, clothes, household items, furniture, and financial aid), other ministries have developed.  Our health clinics (medical, dental, and counseling) are active.  Fall Festivals, Easter egg hunts, Thanksgiving Day deliveries, and a free Christmas Store, are all part of the fun.

You Make A Difference Here

It takes hundreds of volunteers each week, and so many donations of food, clothing, household items, and furniture, to make things work for people in need.  We often say that we are “twice-blessed.”  We receive from you, and we are blessed by your generosity. Then, we are blessed again when we give away what you have provided – always free, and never a charge.  In fact, there is no charge for any service provided by Mission Arlington®.  We are always so thankful when you stop by with a donation of supplies, or with a check.  Your gifts make an authentic difference for people in need.  We truly are grateful for you.

Still Going

Thirty-Six (36) years later, Tillie is still here, early each morning, to late, serving the Lord, and loving the people.  We love the privilege we have of being a small part of this beautiful community.  With thirty-six (36) years behind us, we are still looking forward to the days, months, and years ahead.


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