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Mission Arlington® on the Fourth

The Fourth of July Parade in downtown Arlington is a very special event for the Mission Arlington family.  The longest-running event in Arlington, this 4th of July parade has been in continuous operation since 1965.

Tillie Burgin has been attending this parade for just about that long (minus the years the Burgin family served in S. Korea), because her father, Erman Lester, owned a Gulf full-service gas station directly across from the old City Hall, located at Pecan and Abram street downtown.  Mr. Lester and his wife Bonnie hosted many citizens in those days, icing down cokes and serving them for a quarter, providing prime seats for the parade. Tillie was honored to serve as the parade’s “Grand Marshall” in 1998. The parade that year was dedicated to “those unsung heroes in our midst.”

In the mid nineties, SJ Stovall, former Mayor of Arlington, and then President of the Mission Metroplex, board started a tradition which still exists to this day. SJ was touched by the spirit, energy, and commitment of the students who gave all or part of their summers to serve the Lord in Arlington free of charge.  July 4th morning, prior to the parade, became a time to serve breakfast and to honor these summer missionaries.

The Mission Arlington® family – which includes staff, volunteers, and family from our Bible studies and congregations – is gathered downtown this morning to enjoy family time around the breakfast tables, and then to view the parade. If you are in the parade, watch for us around Abram and West, just prior to your turn toward City Hall. If you are viewing the parade, drop by. We would love to see you.

When the parade ends around noon, this dedicated team of people will be at the mission to receive your donations, and to provide for people in need through the afternoon.

We love serving the Lord alongside this community for the past 31 years. Thank you for the way you give, serve, and pray to help others hear about God’s love, and to find what they need here to take care of their family.  Happy Independence Day. We are grateful for you.


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