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Mission Arlington Turns 32

Our hearts are filled with gratitude today, as the Mission Arlington® family celebrates its 32nd birthday and begins its 33rd year.  Birthed in prayer, and launched through the heart and vision of a faithful church, the ministry is still going strong into its fourth decade. Tillie Burgin, our Executive Director, has been here since the beginning.  On this special day, we want you to know how grateful we are for you, and we want to thank you for the donation of three wonderful gifts:


We have furniture, household items, school supplies, (and so much more),  because you gave it first.  No one in our community should ever have to be hungry, for example, because you keep our food pantries full.  We have always known that we are a reflection of the generous and faithful community who surrounds us, because the resources for every service we provide  comes directly from you. The great news which follows is that all of our services are free. Because you give it, we can give it away.

Volunteer Sue Spaniolo serves here each week helping to keep our food pantry organized and supplied. Sue first started volunteering with us during the hurricane season in 2017. We are so grateful for volunteers who give themselves to make a difference here.


It is one thing to give your things, and quite another to give of yourself. We are so amazed at the way that hundreds of volunteers each week make their way downtown to lift the load.  Some of you help us organize the provisions we receive, not always an easy task.  Others use their time to care directly for people – in our health clinics, front room, sports arenas, Bible studies, and more.  We recognize both the sacrifice it takes and the generous spirit behind your presence with us, and we are grateful. Beyond helping the people we serve together, you are an encouragement to us. That is no small gift.


We believe that this ministry belongs to the Lord. Our role is to follow His lead, and to share His love throughout our community in whatever way that we can.  Your prayers on our behalf encourage us,  and remind us to lean into Him for direction and strength.  It is the one gift you can give from any time and place, and which will always be needed and appropriated in the work here.  We truly value and appreciate the way you cover us in prayer every day. Thank you.

What’s Next?

We are asked this question from time to time.  Our goal is to support the families in our community who are at a point of need, and to treat each person with dignity and respect. We want to share authentically the good news of God’s love as far and wide as we can, and to be consistent and humble as we share. We look forward with enthusiasm to walking this journey alongside you into the future. We are grateful for where we’ve been, and we are excited about the days and months ahead.  Thank you so much for your support!


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