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Emergency Assistance


Our Approach

  1. It’s not about rules – Each person is important, and every circumstance is different, so we tailor the provisions to people’s circumstances and not “cookie-cutter” approaches, or “prefabricated sets of guidelines” which might not fit the needs of the family in front of us;
  2. It’s about people – We know it is hard to ask for help. We want people to feel welcomed, and to be treated with dignity & respect when they enter our doors. We take time to listen to each family and their needs;
  3. It’s about faith
    1. As human beings, our ability to love people naturally ebbs and flows over time, but God’s love never fails. Our heart is to connect with the Father first, then to let His love flow through us to people. Every life matters to our Lord, and therefore also, to us.
    2. We offer to pray with everyone who comes through our front doors, and assist with connections to Mission Arlington® Bible studies & congregations close to home; Volunteer teams attempt to make follow-up visits whenever possible. We believe that what we provide physically will last for a moment, but spiritual provisions last a lifetime (John 4);
  4. It’s about being available Our emergency assistance operation stays open six days each week, in order to be here when people need help. This is especially important for families with working adults; Crises in people’s lives happen all times of day and night, and we want to be available when people need us.
  5. It’s about being accessible – We provide childcare for parents when they are on our campus receiving assistance, so that these hard-working families don’t have the burden of finding childcare in order to receive help; 
  6. It’s about working together – We collaborate with other teams, whenever possible, to assist families find the help they need. We work to connect people to these community resources;
  7. It’s about improved lives – Emergency assistance supports families in crisis through a moment in time. Our heart, however, is to walk in community with each family over time as they gain strength to stand on their own. The multiple other resources provided through this ministry help toward that end. Many of today’s volunteers and contributors at one time were the very people receiving emergency assistance in our front room.

Here are a few of the ways we can help

Food and Clothing

  1. Groceries – We supply individuals and families with short-term supplies of groceries designed to last for several days, based on family size. We mix several kinds of dry goods and refrigerated food, keeping it as nutritious as possible based upon the supply. Once the families’ food needs are met, then they can work together on solving other problems facing them;
  2. Clothing – Mission Arlington® provides clothes and shoes for children, youth, and adults, that is – for the whole family. Men and women can find clothes for job interviews, school clothes for their children, day-to-day needs, and so much more; 

Financial Assistance

  1. Rent – Mission Arlington® assists with partial rent payments in order to help families through a crisis, and/or to prevent a family from losing the stability that a home provides;
  2. Utilities – Loss of light and/or running water is destabilizing; we work with utility companies to provide partial payments to help keep a family’s utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.) on, so that they will be able to stay in the home;
  3. Prescriptions – We partner with our medical clinic to provide medications for people free of charge, and on a limited basis we help to pay a portion of a prescription cost to help a family obtain the medicine they need.
  4. Gas Vouchers – On a limited basis, we will also help with gas vouchers to assist someone with transportation to and from a job interview;

Furniture and Appliances

  1. When? Monday through Saturday, the Mission picks up and delivers donated furniture and appliances from our community; every day, people load up the furniture into their own trucks to bring the furniture to us;
  2. How? Volunteer drivers hand-deliver the furniture to people’s homes, then help place the furniture where it needs to go; we deliver this furniture based upon the request of families who have come through our front room.  Sometimes families need furniture, because they have experienced a loss of some kind; due to flood, fire, and/or other crisis situations. Other times, for various reasons, families simply need to start over;
  3. Why? There is nothing quite like the blessing of delivering a bed to children who have been sleeping on the floor, or a dresser, so they have a place to put their clothes.  This process means so much to those who receive and for those who give.

Needs for House and Home

  1. Baby Items: strollers, car seats, baby swings, children’s books & toys;
  2. Bicycles: Bikes are not only a wonderful gift for children and teenagers in our community, but they help provide transportation for people who have no other means of making it where they need to go;
  3. Computers: Volunteers at Mission Arlington® restore donated computer systems to give to children, youth, and/or adults in our community; 
  4. Household Items: All household items donated by the community are given directly to people in need. Items such as blankets, dishes, pictures, silverware and all other sorts of items are provided to help people in crisis; 
  5. Identification: Mission Arlington® can provide support to people with different kinds of identification needs such as, driver’s licenses, identification cards, and birth certificates; 
  6. Medical Equipment – through our medical equipment closet we loan walkers, wheelchairs, cains, and other types of medical equipment needs;
  7. Personal Needs – Personal hygiene items (soap, toothpaste, shampoo, razors, diapers, baby formula and more are truly important to encourage families in need, and to lift them through their current moment of crisis; 

A Few Important Reminders

  1. Free of Charge: Every service provided here is free of charge. We do not charge people to receive the help that they need; 
  2.  We do not sell what you provide: When you give it, we give it away. It passes from your hands through ours directly to people in need; 
  3. Your dollars get to the people. Our administrative overhead, documented by a professional CPA firm is currently 3.2 percent. This means that almost 97 cents out of every dollar you give goes directly to the people; 
  4. A Generous Community. We can only be here, because we are surrounded by such a generous community. We can keep costs low, because you constantly volunteer your time to help. We have things to provide for people, and financial resources to give, because you gave it first, so we can give it away; 
  5. We’re here to receive: Whenever you have any of the items listed above, or more, and you want to help, please come on down. We are here to receive what you give from 7 to 7 Monday through Saturday, and after noon on Sundays through 7 p.m.  If you need to schedule a pickup, click here to learn more; 
  6. We are grateful: We are grateful to God every single day, and we are so thankful for you, your prayers, and your constant support. Thank you for the privilege.


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