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In Good Standing!

 Transparent  – Each year about this time we pass along to you the same report our Board of Directors receives from the auditors.  This local & respected team of men and women review the books here each spring, then submit their findings.  Today, we are passing along this news to you.

 In Good Standing  – We are pleased to let you know that we have been given a clean bill of health – in accounting terms “a clean opinion.”  We recognize the value of your trust, so we work hard to do things well and right. This has been our heart for over 30 years.

 Low Administrative Overhead  – We also know that your hard-earned dollars are given sacrificially for the purpose of providing help for people in need.  We never take your generosity for granted. We pray over our expenditures here, and under the leadership of our Director, Tillie Burgin, we continue to watch the pennies we spend.

Our administrative overhead for 2016 (the latest reporting period) was 2.79 percent.  This means that more than 97 cents out of every dollar goes directly in ministry to people in need.

 Accountability  – In addition, we are pleased to work with a number of charity watchdogs who evaluate our work. You can find the links to their reports at the bottom of each page of this website.

 Effective Ministry Results  – Finally, we provide a ministry report every year which details the results from each of our ministries over a specific year.  Usually, this report is published in January of each year. You can find the report for 2016 published here. You can find reports through the past 12 years or so listed here.

 Our Gratitude  – We are grateful for the way you give you time and resources here. Thank you.


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