Mission Arlington | Mission Metroplex

In our 35th year!

Volunteer Teams Make a Difference®

Groups are starting to return. Pictured here, two students from UTA, among 60 students volunteering here recently for their “Big Event.”

Mission Arlington® Distinctives

  • Faith-based: Learn more here;
  • Accessible: Open 364 days/year, 12 hours/day; 
  • Low overhead: 98.3% of every dollar you give reaches people in need. More info. here;
  • Personal Care – every person treated with dignity & respect;
  • No resale shops: We do not sell what you provide. You give it. We give it away;
  • Free Services: All services provided are “free-of-charge.”


Charity Navigator awards 4-STARS

Charity Navigator is reported to be the “largest and most-utilized evaluator of charities in the United States.” This non-profit watchdog supports donors in making well-informed… Continue reading.

Mission Arlington ® News

Starting this Saturday, May 1st, the Mission Arlington® family will host "Fun Days," designed especially for our community's children & youth. We will do this… ...

This past Sunday,  Fielder Church  did something extraordinary. They closed their doors. That makes quite the headline, doesn't it?  At a glance, the provocative tagline… ...

The Easter Season is a significant time for Christians around the globe, and it has always been a special week for the Mission Arlington® family.… ...

Rainbow Express builds steam as it pulls out of the station. Building Steam Rainbow Express® begins again next week, and we… ...


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